Boston Consulting Group Review - Know Everything About the Shark in Consulting

Boston Consulting Group Review - Know Everything About the Shark in Consulting



The History of BCG

A founder of the Boston Consulting Group was an American entrepreneur Bruce Henderson. He was a graduate of the Harvard Business School. At first, Bruce worked for Arthur D. Little firm and then decided to start his own business. So, in such a way, Henderson’s company saw the world in 1963. The main aim of the founder was not only to introduce the new way of management but to change the whole business world.

The new company became very successful and profitable. A number of Boston Consulting Group locations is really impressive. Nowadays, their offices can be found in more than 49 countries. They are in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Spain, the Czech Republic, some African countries, etc. The company is constantly growing and expanding its borders. Thousands of employees work in ninety offices all over the world. The total BCG revenue is really impressive, and it varies from $5 to $10 billion (USD) per year. It was $6.3 billion in 2017 and $7.5 billion last year. 


What Does Boston Consulting Group do? 

BCG deals with the most influential corporations, non-profit organizations, and even governments. The consulting group helps in solving the most complicated questions dealing with starting and developing businesses, the reaction to the constantly changing world markets and investments for future development. The company works with the chief executives of various firms and corporations to develop long-term plans for their businesses growth. BCG’s aim is to define the weak and strong sides of a company, to draw up a plan of its development and to raise its value to clients. 


BCG Positions and Their Salaries

More than 15,5 thousand of people are currently employed at the Boston Consulting Group. It is considered to be prestigious to be a member of one of the most influential American companies. The majority of business graduates dream about Boston Consulting Group Careers. The most demanded positions are business analysts, expert project leaders, business consultants, meeting strategy coordinators, researchers, social media associates, etc. Boston Consulting Group salary is high, that’s why so many applicants want to be employed in the firm. More than 2,5 thousand of BCG employees shared information about their salaries at Glassdoor. Look at numbers a little bit closer:

  • Consultants make around $156,000 
  • Senior Associates get $111,000 
  • System Analysts make $62,000
  • Financial Analysts receive around $72,000
  • Project Leaders - $190,000
  • Senior Data Scientists receive $149,000


Boston Consulting Group Benefits

It is beneficial to be employed at BCG. Employees tell about numerous advantages of working in one of the most influential giants, providing consulting services. Know more about the benefits you get being among business sharks:

Health Insurance

Glassdoor team members say about great health insurance benefits for BCG workers. Employee medical insurance covers a wide variety of treatment with minimal copay, only $5. The company provides both family and individual plans. 

Time Off and Vacation

Workers get from 21 to 26 days of paid leave after one year of employment. The number of days depends on the number of worked years and position. Being on vacation, you will be disconnected, so you are free to enjoy every minute of your holiday. 

An Opportunity to Work Abroad

If you want to work abroad, then BCG company is the right place for career growth. They have offices all over the world. An employee can be sent to another country to work for a definite period of time. The choice of destinations is really impressive, around 50 countries worldwide. 

Development and Training

Being a member of the Boston Consulting Group, you have a chance to grow professionally and to develop new skills. Every freshman will go through a four-week training that will help to acquire necessary skills for the position and will stimulate professional growth. All employees have one-week training to improve their qualifications every year. To work for BCG means to improve your value as a specialist constantly. 

Maternity and Paternity Leave

If you plan to become a mother, being employed at BCG is beneficial. Moms get four months of paid maternity leave. If a family decides that a father has to stay with the baby, he will get two months of paternity leave. So, it is up to workers to decide who will look after the baby when another family member continues the career path.


How to Become Employed at BCG

It is very prestigious to work for the Boston Consulting Group. Thousands of graduates dream of getting the desired position in the company, though it is rather difficult doing it. BCG preferably recruits MBA alumnus from the first-rate business schools. 

Head-hunters of the company get more than 9000 resumes yearly and give preference to the best of the best. The first step, you should take in getting a dream position is to create a professional resume. It is advisable to add a covering letter. A Boston Consulting Group cover letter should include an introduction, information why you are the right candidate and wish to be employed exactly in the BCG, and a conclusion. 

The process of the interview includes two rounds. The first one will be with Consulting group representatives (it usually lasts half an hour), and the second one is with partners from the regional office (it takes around 40 minutes). These two rounds are enough to understand if a candidate is the right person for the position. Those who successfully pass all interviews are the lucky devils to join the team of this reputable company.