How to Write a Motivation Letter. A Guide and an Example

How to Write a Motivation Letter. A Guide and an Example

It is not a secret that to get an interview invitation, a candidate should have a great resume. However, is resume the only document that a person should send to a recruiter to be invited for a talk? A resume is a rather short document, and one can only provide information on experience and skills there but can hardly explain why he or she is the best choice. So, are there any other ways to increase the chances of attracting an employer to one’s persona? And the answer is - Yes, there is one more way to make a greater impression on your potential employer. You can write a motivation letter.

Haven’t heard about that before and have no idea what it is and how to write it? The best way to learn about this piece of document is to start with the definition. So, what is a motivation letter? It is a document which you send with your resume to persuade an employer that you are just the best choice for the company. Unlike an official resume which predetermines certain organization, structure, and flow, a letter of motivation allows you to introduce your strong sides and explain why you suit the position in a free format. However, it doesn't mean that you should provide a stream of consciousness where you simply list your strong sides. There is also no specific formula which guarantees a 100% success, but certain tips will definitely help you to catch the attention of your employer. And we are ready to share them with you!

A Motivation Letter Example. Useful Tips To Know Before You Start

Besides the general structure which should have a logical introduction, body, and a conclusion part, your letter of recommendation should include the following:

  • Identify the problem

When a company starts searching for new employees, it means that there are certain obligations which current employees cannot cope with. There are either no employees with the required experience and skills to do such work or the load of work is too large and the current team cannot cope with it alone. Hence, the company has a “problem”; there is a certain work which must be done, but the company lacks employees. That’s why, if a company is searching, for example, for Business Analysts, it means there is a huge necessity in that kind of a specialist. So, the first thing you need to do is to provide a positive response to the company’s demand and state that you are exactly that kind of specialist who can do the required work. You are the key to the solution of the “problem”.

  • Offer a solution  

Your next step is to provide argumentations why you are able to solve the company’s problem. In this part, you need to specify what exactly you can do to help the company to overcome the “problem”. Here, you may specify the experience you have or even provide some cases if your position allows sharing such kind of information. All in all, you need to persuade that you have the required solution to the company’s “problem”.

  • Be involved

Demonstrate your interest in a position and becoming an employee of the company. Enthusiastic candidates are always more welcomed than those who just do their work well. Show that your desire to work at the company is not limited only by the fact that you suit the position. You may end your letter telling that you are looking forward to hearing more about the department or the company or that you would like to become a part of such a team.

Check this motivation letter example to see how the tips provided above can be used in a real letter.

Final Words About a Letter of Motivation

The tips on how to write a motivation letter that we have provided above will assist you in organizing your narration in a proper format. However, there are two more things that we want to share with you. These will help you to find favor in the eyes of your potential boss.

Do not make a motivation letter too long. One page is the maximum that you have. Even if you have a lot to say and you may provide many examples which prove that you are a great professional, it is better to select only one best case. Keep your letter short, that will help you to keep the attention of the reader.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is a unique approach. We do not recommend to write one letter of motivation and send it to all employers. There is also no need to make a unique letter for each employer since it will take a lot of time. Just customize your letter of motivation so that it sounds like you were writing it exactly for this employer.

Do not ignore writing a letter of motivation. It is your chance to impress your employer and make him or her select you!

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