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Many job seekers assume recruiters pay no attention to letters and jump straight into resumes and CVs. Most HR managers want you to believe that to save their time and make their job easier. If you have a hard time writing a cover letter for a teaching job, Resume101 can lend a hand. Hire our experts to craft a winning job application!

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Mary Collins

Name: Mary Collins

Age: 35

Education: MBA




Resume written


Excellent Reviews

I work closely with an HR department and know exactly, what they are looking for in a good resume and cover letter. Over the years I’ve trained myself to present personal data in the most favorable way. This allows me to craft beautiful resumes, even if there is not enough information about experience or education. I know I can make you look good on paper, but it’s your job to look good during the interview.

John Nederman

Name: John Nederman

Age: 37

Education: PhD




Resume written


Excellent Reviews

Writing a resume is a lot like writing a doctoral thesis. You have all the data and need to make it look convincing when you present it. I train my students to do just that to improve their chances of getting good jobs after college. I know that few colleges prepare their students for the pain of job-hunting, so I am glad to help anyone looking for assistance with curriculum vitae or resume.

Phil Morris

Name: Phil Morris

Age: 32

Education: Master of Science




Resume written


Excellent Reviews

I had to master the art of writing a resume by trial-and-error. But now I can transform the tangled and unintelligible mess into a clear-cut and concise depiction of your greatest achievements and skills. Let me get my hands on your resume, explain which position you aspire to, and I will create the most impressive resume for you.

Catherine Sullivan

Name: Catherine Sullivan

Age: 29

Education: Master of Arts




Resume written


Excellent Reviews

Being Humanities fan, I have a way with words. With the right terms, your resume can look professional, sophisticated and extremely convincing. Cover letters are my specialty, as I can let the words run free and paint you in the best light. Let me work my magic on your curriculum vitae, and you won’t be able to recognize it.

Teacher Cover Letter Writing

Cover letter writing is a lost art. 

Many job seekers assume recruiters pay no attention to letters and jump straight into resumes and CVs. Most HR managers want you to believe that to save their time and make their job easier. 

For many companies and positions, cover letters may be obsolete but not in Education and Academia. Cover letter for a teaching job is a staple that can get you the school administration’s attention and set you for a dream job. Are you willing to take a chance and go without it? If you don’t want to leave your career to chance, it’s time to take it under control and write a cover letter that will get you where you want to be.

Can You Write a Cover Letter for a Teacher?

Be honest with yourself. 

How much effort do you usually put in writing a cover letter? 

Are happy with two lines and an email attachment? 

Do you tell your life story on ten pages and send it out to all schools on your mailing list?

Whether you need a career change cover letter or an application for a recent graduate, you need to find the balance between too little and too much information without repeating your resume. The trouble is, many teachers lose the ability to learn and adapt to quick changes. While a decade ago “To whom it may concern” was a way to go, today a cover letter starting like that will not bring the desired result.

Creating a cover letter for a teacher can also be difficult because you can’t always think of the measurable results of your work. You can hardly measure student attention levels and engagement to provide the exact numbers. The same is true for administrative work you’ve done. Never mind all the work behind the scenes that goes unappreciated and even unpaid. 

When you finally decide agonizing over a cover letter is not worth your time and effort, you have two options. You can send out resumes without extra paperwork, let hard facts speak for themselves, and hope for the best. If that isn’t in your nature, reach out to professional writers who can craft a compelling letter in your stead. If you choose the latter option, Resume101 is a solid choice.

The Benefits of Resume101 Writing a Cover Letter for a Teaching Job

We take teacher cover letter writing to the new level. Our professional writers put their knowledge, experience, and skills at your service to ensure your application is

  • Custom. You can find thousands of cover letter samples online, but most of them are useless. The examples are either too outdated, generic, or improbable that no teacher would be able to rely on them as a guide. Resume101 experts do not need writing samples to make your cover letter stand out. Instead, they use the information you provide, unique knowledge of current recruitment trends, and creative thinking to describe your achievements and experience. As a result of their hard work, you receive a customized cover letter tailored to your resume and your desired teaching position. You can later transform it to fit other job openings if you have no luck with your first choice.
  • Compelling. The cover letter is your written elevator pitch, not just a side note for a resume. At the same time, it should not restate what you’ve already included in the application papers. Both are common mistakes among job seekers and unprofessional writing services. In contrast, when writing a cover letter for a teaching job, our experts always keep the ultimate goal in mind. They arrange the whole piece to convince the employer to give your application a second look, invite you for an interview, send you an offer. As seasoned recruitment and HR professionals, our writers know what buttons to push and what achievements to highlight to make your cover letter irresistible. Finally, they never leave a piece without a powerful call to action.
  • Concise. Many job seekers oscillate between extremes, making the cover letter too short or too long to make an impact. This mistake can ruin any chance of getting a dream job. For the best results, our writers can draft several pages, but they tighten up the piece and trim the excess until you are left with a few paragraphs that make your skills and experience shine. Once you get the order, you will see that a few short passages are enough to state your case and make a point. You will only need to personalize the letter with the addressee’s name before sending it out.

With hundreds of cover letter writing services on the market, it is nearly impossible to tell which are worthy of your trust. Let us share a few figures that might help you make an educated decision. At Resume101, we have

  • Helped 100,000+ job-seekers take control over their careers. Nurses, marketing managers, software engineers, and other professionals made most of our help to edit, polish, and rework their job application paperwork. 
  • Helped 90% of our clients secure their desired positions. The number of positive reviews we receive every day is staggering. Most of our clients get several offers and have a chance to choose jobs that fit their requirements best.
  • Increased the number of interview invitations by 73% on average. We never stop reworking and improving your cover letter until you receive employer feedback and interview invitations.

You deserve to get a dream job! Don’t let a cover letter get in your way. Order today, send it out, and enjoy an influx of interview invitations and job offers.

Simple Steps to Order a Teacher Cover Letter

It doesn't take much time to order a teacher cover letter at our website. All you need to do is to follow four simple steps that separate you from the job in a successful and prestigious company.

  • An order form

    The first thing you need to do is to fill in the order form. At this stage, select one of three career levels: Entry, Professional, or Executive. Choose the one which corresponds to your current work history the best. For example, if you have just graduated from university or college or have a few years of experience, select the Entry level. If you have already changed a couple of jobs and you are not a young professional anymore, select the Professional level. For those, who have a rich history of work and want to inform the employer about it, we offer the Executive level. Think about your skills and experience and choose the level that suits your requirements the best. After that, you need to indicate the type of a writing service you want to receive. We offer a resume writing, a CV writing, and a cover letter writing. If you need a resume and a cover letter, you don‘t need to make an additional order for another type of service. We have an option that allows you combining different types of writing. For example, you can order a package that consists of a resume writing with a cover letter or a CV writing with a cover letter. So, choose the type of service you need. The last thing you need to include during this stage is the deadline. We can provide a quality resume even within 24 hours, but in some cases, when our customers need a resume as soon as possible, we can do it even faster. After you complete all these stages, you can see the total price for your order. There are no hidden charges or extra payments. The price you see is final and cannot be changed unless you provide any corrections to the career level, package type or
  • Information

    After you fill the form, you need to attach information about yourself so our resume writers could start working on your order. If you have already written your resume before but think it is not good enough, we still recommend you to send it to us. Don‘t forget to share all information about your work experience, skills, education, and a short story about yourself. The more information you give us, the better. Even if you think that some facts about you have no value, we still recommend to share them with us.
  • Payment

    When you provide all the required information, select the method of payment which you prefer the most. We accept MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, and Paypal. We guarantee 100% security of your funds. Your personal information will not be available to the third parties.
  • Download

    The last step you need to do is to download your professional resume. You will receive a notification on your email address when we finish working on your order. We assure you that our writers will do everything on time. If you have any questions or you are not sure what information is necessary to provide, don‘t hesitate to contact our support team. They are available all day round and are ready to answer any of your questions. You can send a message via email, address your question in a live chat, or just call us.

Place an order at Resume101 if you:

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Name: Maegan Ellis
After graduating from college, I had no idea how to write a resume. I will never regret paying for professional writer’s help. Now I’m no longer embarrassed to send out my resume.
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The turnaround time was quick and the quality of the CV I ordered was perfect. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends who are struggling with their resumes.
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No wonder I never got invited to interviews before I got a high-quality resume from these guys. I had no idea it could look so good.
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I was very satisfied with the resume and cover letter I ordered. I already have a few interviews lined up, and I’m sure I will get the job I want.
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Name: Lanny Kirchner
I was hesitant to pay someone to organize and proofread my resume, but I’m sure glad I did. In a couple of days, it transformed from a jumbled mess into a streamlined professionally written document of which I can be proud.
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