The List Of The Best Jobs In America in 2020 From Resume101

The List Of The Best Jobs In America in 2020 From Resume101

The labor market changes every year. Some professions are becoming more in demand and better paid, working conditions and employees’ satisfaction are constantly improving. Hence, many students and young people often ask themselves "where to work?" has made a list of top jobs. We hope it will help you to make a decision and understand the state of the current labor market.

Job Title Median Base Salary Job Satisfaction
Data Scientist $108,000 4.3/5
Nursing Manager $83,000 4/5
Marketing Manager $82,000 4.2/5
Occupational Therapist $74,000 4/5
Product Manager $115,000 3.8/5
Devops Engineer $106,000 4.1/5
Program Manager $87,000 3.9/5
Data Engineer $100,000 3.9/5
HR Manager $85,000 4.2/5
Software Engineer $104,000 3.6/5
Mechanical Engineer $75,000 3.9/5
Physician Assistant $105,000 3.7/5
Sales Manager $65,000 3.8/5
Sales Engineer $90,000 4.1/5
Operations Manager $68,000 3.8/5
Strategy Manager $140,000 4/5
Security Engineer $102,000 3.8/5
Construction Manager $75,000 4.3/5
Speech Language Pathologist $72,000 3.7/5
Project Manager $75,000 3.6/5
Product Designer $100,000 4.5/5
Java Developer $85,000 3.7/5
Executive Assistant $60,000 4.1/5
Electrical Engineer $77,000 3.7/5
Finance Manager $118,000 3.8/5
Business Analyst $72,000 3.7/5
Solutions Architect $127,900 3.6/5
Recruiter $48,000 4.1/5
Business Development Manager $80,000 3.7/5
Dental Hygienist $67,250 4.5/5
Data Analyst $60,000 3.9/5
Nurse Practitioner $102,000 3.5/5
Applications Engineer $77,000 4/5
QA Manager $91,250 4.1/5
Risk Manager $100,500 3.7/5
Communications Manager $80,000 4.2/5
Physical Therapist $70,000 3.6/5
Facilities Manager $65,000 4/5
Systems Engineer $90,000 3.5/5
Customer Success Manager $65,000 4.2/5
Radiologic Technologist $48,000 4/5
Restaurant Manager $49,000 3.8/5
Software Engineering Manager $153,000 4/5
Software Developer $80,000 3.5/5
Safety Manager $71,000 4.1/5
UX Designer $89,000 3.7/5
Office Manager $42,000 3.9/5
Brand Manager $85,000 4.3/5
Software Development Manager $140,000 4.2/5
Systems Administrator $68,000 3.6/5

Five Top Jobs In America: The Best Salary Rate

As never before, people want to earn a lot, because it opens a huge number of doors in their life. Consequently, adolescents and young people are driven by the salary criterion when choosing a future profession. Therefore, we want to present a list of five highly paid professions in the USA:  

  • Anesthesiologist: $208,000 (4/5) 
  • Dentist: $150,000 (4.2/5) 
  • IT Manager: $140,900 (4.1/5)
  • Petroleum Engineer: $132,000 (3.7/5) 
  • Finance Manager: $125,000 (3.8/5) 

Five The Best Jobs In America: The Highest Job Satisfaction Rate

We spend a lot of time at work. Thus, it is essential to find a profession that you like, as it allows you to enjoy the working process every day. After all, it is very difficult to do your obligations well when you work in a toxic work environment. Therefore, many people prefer to know the average rating for job satisfaction. Check our list: 

  • Program Manager: 4.5/5 ($87,000)
  • Data Engineer: 4.4/5 ($100,000) 
  • Data Scientist: 4.3/5 ($108,000)
  • Marketing Manager: 4.2/5($82,000)
  • Nursing Manager: 4/5 ($83,000)

How To Get The Best Jobs In USA

Competition in the labor market is growing every year, and employers are becoming pickier and more demanding for choosing future employees. If you want to get a good job, you need to make a lot of efforts. Therefore, we want to present three main steps to get the desired position:  

  • A professional resume and a cover letter is the key to success. Your future career starts with these documents. Pay attention to the structure and tips on writing a resume and a cover letter. Compose and write them qualitatively so that it will give you an advantage among other candidates.
  • Prepare for the interview. It is the most important part of your path to the desired job. There are a lot of nuances, peculiarities, and even tricks in this process that you should learn and apply. We want to give you the following tips: 
  • Dress appropriately. The clothes are the right way to make a good first impression. But it does not mean that you need to wear a suit, because not all companies keep the traditional office dress-code. Therefore, it is better to know in advance what they will expect from you and dress properly. 
  • Be honest and open. Never try to embellish or lie about your work experience.
  • Be prepared. Find information about the company and also prepare answers to the most popular questions. Besides, you can watch different video interview examples. And do not forget to address some questions to your employer. 
  • Send a thank-note after your interview. You should always thank the employers for their time. It will show your interest and serious intentions. 

We hope that our tips will help you, but if you face some problems or want to get help with a resume or cover letter, then place an order on our website. will be glad to assist you!  

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