50 Best Jobs in America for 2019

50 Best Jobs in America for 2019

Are you at a crossroads and have not decided what job to choose yet? Can’t decide between a few positions or maybe would like to know what profession is more required on the job market today? Would you like to know how much employers are ready to pay their employees? So do we! That’s why we have conducted a research of the Top Paying Jobs in America. Check this list to find out what position may bring you the highest salary!

Job TitleMedian Base SalaryJob Satisfaction
Data Scientist$108,0004.3/5
Nursing Manager$83,0004/5
Marketing Manager$82,0004.2/5
Occupational Therapist$74,0004/5
Product Manager$115,0003.8/5
Devops Engineer$106,0004.1/5
Program Manager$87,0003.9/5
Data Engineer$100,0003.9/5
HR Manager$85,0004.2/5
Software Engineer$104,0003.6/5
Mechanical Engineer$75,0003.9/5
Physician Assistant$105,0003.7/5
Sales Manager$65,0003.8/5
Sales Engineer$90,0004.1/5
Operations Manager$68,0003.8/5
Strategy Manager$140,0004/5
Security Engineer$102,0003.8/5
Construction Manager$75,0004.3/5
Speech Language Pathologist$72,0003.7/5
Project Manager$75,0003.6/5
Product Designer$100,0004.5/5
Java Developer$85,0003.7/5
Executive Assistant$60,0004.1/5
Electrical Engineer$77,0003.7/5
Finance Manager$118,0003.8/5
Business Analyst$72,0003.7/5
Solutions Architect$127,9003.6/5
Business Development Manager$80,0003.7/5
Dental Hygienist$67,2504.5/5
Data Analyst$60,0003.9/5
Nurse Practitioner$102,0003.5/5
Applications Engineer$77,0004/5
QA Manager$91,2504.1/5
Risk Manager$100,5003.7/5
Communications Manager$80,0004.2/5
Physical Therapist$70,0003.6/5
Facilities Manager$65,0004/5
Systems Engineer$90,0003.5/5
Customer Success Manager$65,0004.2/5
Radiologic Technologist$48,0004/5
Restaurant Manager$49,0003.8/5
Software Engineering Manager$153,0004/5
Software Developer$80,0003.5/5
Safety Manager$71,0004.1/5
UX Designer$89,0003.7/5
Office Manager$42,0003.9/5
Brand Manager$85,0004.3/5
Software Development Manager$140,0004.2/5
Systems Administrator$68,0003.6/5

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