A Cashier Job Description and Useful Resume Tips

A Cashier Job Description and Useful Resume Tips

A good resume depends on understanding the job position a person is applying for. Many people don’t realize that getting hired as a cashier may not be that simple and is not different from getting any other job. This, of course, differs a lot based on where you want to work, as different stores have different requirements and levels of responsibility they expect from their employees. Besides, the competition can also be very high, even though we meet cashiers every day and everywhere.

So, in this cashier job description, we will try to cover as much as possible of what can help you write a job-winning resume and prepare for what is expected of you by employers.

A Cashier Job Summary

What does a cashier job entail? We all know the basic functions of a cashier, which is to receive money from clients for products they buy in a store and give them change and receipts. Besides shops and stores, cashiers also work in theatres, gas stations, banks, and other establishments. While the job title may be different, be it a bank teller, a ticket office worker, a sales clerk, as well as some operations they are performing, the nature of the job doesn’t change. The job description for all these positions will, of course, be also different, as the employers will be looking for a bit different set of skills.

Job Duties of a Cashier

In reality, a cashier may be performing a much wider spectrum of functions than customers may realize. As a person seeking a cashier position, you must be familiar with them beforehand, especially if you have no previous experience in this job. In general, the main qualities a cashier should exhibit are attentiveness and friendliness. The former is necessary to handle all the money operations successfully, and the latter is required for customers to have a good impression of the establishment you are working at.

Now, let’s take a look at a more detailed list of job duties of a cashier:

Accept payments

In brick-and-mortar shops, customers still need to rely on cashiers to facilitate transactions and confirm the purchase. So, they handle all transactions, whether involving cash, checks, or credit/debit cards.

Check the prices

While a cashier usually uses a handheld scanner or point of sale (POS) software to determine the price, he or she should pay attention to the displayed figure in case there has been a mistake and the price tag is incorrect.

Welcome customers

In many cases, a cashier is a person a customer sees first upon entering and last upon leaving the shop or other establishment. So, it’s up to cashiers to greet customers and make sure they feel welcomed in there.

Inform customers

Usually, cashiers do not have to know a lot about the products, but they need to be able to answer some basic customer questions, direct them towards the shelves they are looking for, and inform about special offers or discount cards.

Keep track of the cash register

Cashiers monitor the available bills and coins needed to give change to customers promptly, and whenever there is a need for a change order, they tell their supervisors about it.

Maintain the checkout area

To facilitate fast and effective checkouts, a cashier needs to keep the working area clean and tidy, without there being unnecessary items. This also helps for another cashier to feel comfortable whenever he or she gets behind the register and can start servicing the customers right away.

Resolve issues

Besides providing information, a cashier has to be ready to answer customer complaints and try to eliminate certain problems. If the issue is out of a cashier’s skills set or responsibilities, he or she should immediately call a manager.

Check the authenticity of the bills

A cashier should be able to detect fake money bills even without an ultraviolet detector, as it may not always be present. In many cases, this is possible by knowing the signs that prove its authenticity.

Ability to remain calm in stressful situations

Cashiers require stress resistance to handle problematic customers efficiently and without making the situation worse, which can affect the store’s reputation. Besides, unfortunately, there is a risk of a robbery, and cashiers need to be prepared to act calmly and according to the security instructions.

Cashier Skills and Job Requirements

Cashier skills vary from place to place, but the basic ones remain the same. Besides, employers know and often encourage job applicants with no previous cashier experience, so certain knowledge like operating the software and other equipment can be taught in the course of a short training directly on the job. You need to know what the employer will be expecting of you and how to describe cashier on resume, so here are the most common cashier skills:

  • basic mathematical skills;
  • sociability and communication skills;
  • basic knowledge of PC and willingness to work with technical equipment;
  • attentiveness and ability to focus on details;
  • customer satisfaction as a priority;
  • ability to stand or sit for long periods of time.

While in many cases no specific education degree is necessary for fulfilling the cashier duties, most employers will welcome those candidates who at least have a high school diploma. So, it is highly preferable to mention education in your resume, even if the job description doesn’t. 

If this is not going to be the first place for you as a cashier, you need to know relevant keywords to put on your resume to increase your chances and prove you are familiar with this job. In addition to the skills listed above, you may list the following:

  • previous experience in retail;
  • knowledge of using price scanners, cash registers, a POS system, etc.;
  • keeping track of sales data;
  • quick and efficient bagging and wrapping skills.

Roles of a Cashier

Depending on the size and the type of an establishment, there may be various roles a cashier must perform. It is not always just a person handling the customers’ money during the purchase and giving a receipt. In some medium-sized businesses and smaller stores, a cashier is also a receptionist, and at times even a consultant and a promoter. So, naturally, that requires much more skills as you have to greet customers, help them choose a product, convince to buy it in a manner that is not annoying to them, and finalize the purchase. In this case, a cashier’s salary most likely depends on individual or monthly sales, offering a chance to earn more by applying extra efforts.

Other roles of a cashier may be an accountant in some large company, where the customers consist solely of other employees, or a receptionist, for example, at a large hotel or a hospital. Sure, these jobs require more skills than a cashier at a local supermarket, and often even a university degree, but they have a lot in common. So, if you meet the requirements and would like to upgrade to a better-paying job, the experience of working as a cashier can be a major plus. It will be a good proof that besides your education, you also have the necessary knowledge of how to communicate with customers, process payments, and resolve potential issues.

Writing a Cashier Resume

Now, writing a cashier resume is not different than for any other job. You need to carefully read the job description and write your resume with the requirements and duties mentioned there in mind. If you already have a resume, you may want to update it a little bit and reword things so that an employer sees you are familiar with what they are looking for and seek a job in that particular company rather than having a resume for everyone.

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