A Shopify Review for Those Looking for a Great Job

A Shopify Review for Those Looking for a Great Job

Choosing a place to work at is a very responsible decision. Of course, if you don’t like it or just feel it’s not where you can thrive as a professional, you can always switch it. However, anyone is likely to agree that it would be far greater to find a company you are completely in sync with from the very beginning. And there are many companies that seem satisfactory in the most crucial aspects a jobseeker would be interested in: a decent compensation for their work, an opportunity to evolve, hone the existing, and acquire new skills, and to be able to reach the perfect work-life balance.

While many companies do offer all those things, it’s still a hard decision to make, choosing the one you would like to contribute a considerable amount of your time, skills, and efforts. This Shopify review is meant to introduce a possible choice for you. Perhaps, this company is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Or, perhaps, something you have never considered but will want to get on board.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company, and it’s also a cloud-based platform for businesses specializing in trading all kinds of stuff. The company itself is pretty large, falling under the category of those enterprises whose size ranges from 1001 to 5000 employees, and the revenue amounts to $500 million to $1 billion (USD) per year. Last year, Shopify stated that over 800,000 small and medium-sized businesses in 175 were using the platform for their needs.

The story of how Shopify came to be this gigantic company is quite inspirational and answers the question “How does Shopify work?” better than anything. It started in 2004 with two Canadian men who wanted to open an online store for selling snowboarding equipment. They soon realized that there were no proper tools to do that quickly and hassle-free and decided to build their online store on their own. It quickly became evident that other people liked the new store and wanted to have a similar one. Since most of them did not have any computer programming experience, unlike Tobias Lütke, one of the Shopify founders, there was a high demand in such a service. In 2016, Shopify was launched, allowing merchants to easily set up their own stores and using the platform’s tools to manage it successfully.

Shopify Jobs

So, if you have been dreaming about your own little online store and have somehow not heard about Shopify before, this is something worth considering. As the company grew, it kept buying various assets they could incorporate into their platform and introducing new services, constantly improving the trading process for both retailers and buyers and expanding the possibilities store runners have.

As the company grew, so did the number of Spotify jobs you can now apply for. It also opened new offices, so you no longer have to be living near-to a Shopify Canada-based office as the company has increased its number of locations, adding such cities as San Francisco, New York City, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Melbourne, Tokyo, and some others. You can see the full list by visiting the Shopify website, where you can select specialties and locations that suit you the most, as well as search for job openings by entering keywords.

Don’t despair if you don’t find a satisfying location on the list or if you don’t actually like working in an office. There’s a possibility to work remotely, from your home, for many job openings Spotify has. Those are the jobs related to customer support, sales and account management, engineering and development. Considering the list changes often, it’s best to check it yourself.

Shopify Reviews

Now, what’s it like to work at Shopify? We’ll have to rely on Shopify reviews to answer that, but the fact that it’s been listed as the No.6 company in Glasdoor’s 2019 Best Places to Work in Canada says a lot. There are over 400 reviews from Spotify employees on Glassdoor, and here’s what most of them have to say about their experience working there.

Many reviewers appreciate the ability to work from home and say that the company provides enough freedom for you to tailor your role at the company to your needs and interests. Among the most praised aspects are the company culture, benefits, and people who work there.

As for the negatives, some say that even working from home is very difficult and demanding. For example, a Shopify customer service agent only has a short break for lunch, and the rest of the working day is basically non-stop communication with customers in 3 chats simultaneously, as well as responding to merchants, and taking phone calls for the rest of the day.

So, some people can definitely find such a job stressful and difficult to keep up. But at least you can be ready for it and other jobs by reading reviews left by people working on the position you are interested in. And if you finally decide to apply for a job at Spotify and want to have a great cover letter and a resume, you know where to get it. At Resume101, of course.

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