The Best Canadian Companies to Work for: Bell Canada. Review

The Best Canadian Companies to Work for: Bell Canada. Review

Named after the inventor of the telephone, Bell Canada is one of the best companies to work for in North America. It employs over 10,000 workers and brings in $10 billion revenue every year. With that much potential, Bell is the dream employer for thousands of people. If you are one of them, use our Bell Canada review to learn more about the company, its rating among employees and get ready for your interview.

What Does Bell Canada Do?

Bell Canada is one of the largest Canadian companies and a communication incumbent, founded in 1880. Headquartered in Montreal, Bell offers communication services to government, corporations, and individual users. It is but one division of BCE (formerly known as Bell Canada Enterprises) that includes a variety of units that provide mobile services, IPTV, and TV broadcasts. Providing telephone and DSL internet service for most of Canada east of Saskatchewan and the northern territories, Bell Canada serves over 13 million phone lines and keeps its main competitors, such as Rogers Communications, Telus and Quebecor, on their toes.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Working for Bell Canada

It’s no wonder Bell Canada jobs are so desirable, considering the company’s employer ratings. The list of recent awards is impressive. In 2019 alone, the company has been recognized as one of:

  • Canada’s Top 100 Employers
  • Canada’s Greenest Employers
  • Canada’s Best Diversity Employers
  • Canada's Top Employers for Young People
  • Montreal’s Top Employers

According to Glassdoor reviews, Bell employees enjoy various perks, including vacation and paid time-off with a possibility to add a week to the vacation time for managers. Full-coverage health insurance and paid maternity and paternity leaves make Bell a truly family-friendly company. Most employees note an excellent work environment and teamwork.

Despite the benefits, work-life balance is often unreachable for Bell Canada employees across all levels. Many reviewers complain about having to work long hours, sometimes without days off. Recent graduates accepted for part-time positions regularly face trouble getting the full-time job offers from the company.

The worst thing for many employees is that Bell is a huge company that makes people feel like cogs in a machine. The established processes and vertical hierarchy often mean employees get stuck in the same positions for years without a chance for career advancement. Like most big companies, Bell is slow to change and adapt.

How to Get a Job at Bell Canada?

According to employee reports, the interview process differs depending on the position and location. Most new hires go through a multi-step process that takes several days or weeks and starts with an online questionnaire or a phone call to determine your experience and skills. Some positions, including Bell Canada customer service agents, developers, and managers, require you pass a timed online test to assess your skills.

After you pass the preliminary tests, you can expect one or two face-to-face interviews. HR managers will try to assess how well you can fit into the Bell team, so expect multiple behavioral questions. To find the right answers, browse the corporate website and keep the company’s values and mission in mind. The on-site interview can also include the tour of the offices and facilities so you can learn more about your future workplace. The final part of the conversation is reserved for your questions; if you have any make a list and use it at the end of the interview.

All the knowledge you glean from our review will not help you get a job with Bell unless you have a professional resume. If you doubt your writing skills and the ability to sell your best skills and qualities, our resume writers can help you secure the dream job. They know exactly what recruiters and HR managers want to see and can translate your experience and achievements into HR-speak. Reach out today, send out your new resume in a couple of days, and wait for the inevitable interview invitation.

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