Engineering Resume Example and Guide

Engineering Resume Example and Guide

You are an exceptional engineer, and you know it. But a hundred (or hundreds!) skilled and bright opponents think the same when applying for your dream job. Write an impressive engineering resume and “sell” your efficiency to a potential employer. It is your only self-marketing tool on the job market. So this chance cannot be wasted.

Now close other tabs with instructions on how to write a resume because you will find all you need in this guide. There is no useless advice but tips that work. Besides, we know how much it is easier to write your draft when you have engineering resume examples at hand. Get our bonus sample below:

Engineering Resume Example
What an Engineer Puts First on a Resume

Your professional and educational background is an HR manager’s primary concern. A Bachelor’s in Engineering is a must to enter the job market. If the company seeks a Master’s or a Ph.D., send your Mechanical Engineering resume (or the one of another field) anyway. Your working experience and personal qualities may play a crucial role in the final decision. State your license (if it is required in your case) in the Certifications section to show you have a proper base of knowledge and skills.

Put professional experience in reverse chronological order. Do not just list companies where you have worked and your duties. Add some key accomplishments using numbers and statistics (if it is possible). For example, how workplace safety improved due to your upgrades, how equipment expenses reduced owing to your repair, or how many people you led in a team.

What to do if you have no experience? It is a hard (but manageable) task to make a catchy resume just after graduation. Include internships, courses, volunteer projects that can show your valuable personal and professional qualities. Some freelance work may also close blank space in your entry-level Electrical Engineering resume.

Summary or Objective - What is No Place in Your Engineering Resume?

A summary gives a quick idea of what sort of person you are to a potential employer. It is a faster way than a cover letter, so it has more chances to be read and interest an HR manager. A summary goes at the beginning of your Civil Engineering resume after your name and contacts.

An objective aims at a different thing. It tells what kind of job you are looking for at the moment. It comes in handy when you do not know if the company needs engineers now, but you want them to keep you in mind. If you have zero experience, an objective also takes place on your resume.

What Skills Different Types of Engineers Need

The Skills section is one more place that can hook. “Communication skills” and “time-management skills” are good, but you probably want to convince an HR manager you are not just a “nice guy” but an indispensable specialist, don’t you? You can do it by adding to your resume the skills your employer wants you to have. You can find them in the vacancy description. For example, a good Chemical Engineering resume may include such skills:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Research conducting
  • Chemistry laboratory tests performance
  • Critical thinking
  • Data analysis
  • Presentation skills

Not Obvious Engineering Resume Advice

A company leader surely looks for employees who can back up their words with action. So why don’t you do it from the very beginning? Add a link to your online portfolio to highlight your creativity. It will show your skills in action if you are making a Software Engineering resume, for example.

Beware of looking old-fashioned. The contact section that goes above the main body of the paper includes the city where you live, your email address, and your mobile phone number. Your postal address and zip code are unnecessary now.

Show you are a real person, not a robot. It is not about kittens in the background of your engineering resume. We talk about your interests and hobbies. Add what inspires you and what takes much of your free time. A wise HR manager selects employees that will probably get on well with each other. A positive atmosphere in the team contributes to the company thriving. Maybe your personality will tip the scale in your favor.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you are not sure that your draft can lead you to an interview, contact our best resume writers. An HR manager will undoubtedly notice your engineering resume with our help.

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