Honest Whitbread Review for Job Seekers

Honest Whitbread Review for Job Seekers

Whitbread is one of the best companies to work for in the United Kingdom. With over 10,000 employees and the largest hotel chain on the islands, it is a successful and stable business that provides ample opportunity for a healthy income and professional growth. In this Whitbread review, we’ll go over the company’s background, research the employee feedback, and share a few suggestions on getting your dream job at Whitbread.

What Does Whitbread Do?

Whitbread was initially a brewing company that was established back in 1742 in London, but the current Whitbread head office is located in Dunstable, England. In 2001, they sold the pubs and breweries to focus on the hotel and restaurant chains. As one of the oldest businesses in the UK, it owns the largest hotel chain on the islands with nearly 1,200 Premier Inn hotels and restaurants that serve 5+ million guests every month. Within two years the company plans to widen the hotel network in Germany, going from one Premier Inn to 30+ locations.

Besides the hotel network, Whitbread owns several successful restaurant brands, such as Bar + Block, Table Table, Brewers Fayre, and Beefeater. Nearly half of the hotels are located alongside the restaurants making for a well-rounded customer experience.

Whitbread puts customer satisfaction and happiness at the heart of every brand and operation. The company values its reputation above all and establishes a Code of Conduct for all employees. Relying on winning teams and everyday efficiency to drive profitable growth, Whitbread strives to remain a force for good within the communities they serve.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Working at Whitbread Group

It is no wonder so many people are looking for Whitbread jobs; the company has excellent employer reputation. Here is a list of awards the company won over the last few years:

  • Whitbread was awarded the title of “Best Employer UK” by the Top Employers Institute in 2017 and 2018.
  • In 2017, Sunday Times included the company in their list of Best Big Companies to Work For (8th place).
  • National Apprenticeship Awards highly recommended Whitbread as Macro Employer of the Year and awarded the company the Macro Apprenticeship Employer of the Year title in 2016.
  • JobCrowd put the company in the first place as the Graduate Employer Of The Year — Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism (2016).
  • CRF Institute named Whitbread Britain’s Top Employer in 2016.

According to employee reviews, the company offers an excellent work environment and upholds quality teamwork. Many reviews mention plenty of career growth opportunities, including apprenticeships. There are Whitbread benefits for employees, including discounts for hotel stays and restaurants, as well as services by other hospitality brands. Most current and former employees commend the company management and approve of the CEO.

However, there are pitfalls to working with Whitbread, and the company’s overall rating on Glassdoor is only 3.3 stars. Some employees complain about an unbalanced work schedule with some shifts being overload with assignments. Inflexible shift schedule disrupts the work-life balance, especially for those who have to work during the holiday season. Several employees complain about the wages being lower than in other hospitality companies. Recent reviews note an overabundance of senior and middle managers generated by the growth of the company’s German department.

How to Get a Job at Whitbread?

Considering the size of the company, there are always hundreds of Whitbread jobs available across the UK. The openings vary from waitressing and kitchen staff to software engineers, business analysts, and team leaders. The requirements, responsibilities, and salaries differ accordingly.

Household team members usually require a single interview to secure a position at Whitbread. Hiring managers ask generic questions about the company, motivation, and qualifications and can provide instant feedback. Therefore, if you are looking for an entry-level position, you can join the Whitbread team within a day.

Analyst, management, and IT positions usually require a few rounds of interviews and a test task to be completed at home or on-site. The hiring process, in this case, takes from two weeks to several months. According to some reviews, the Whitbread HR department is not always forthcoming with information so you might have to reach out to them to learn about the interview results and your next steps.

If you dream of working at Whitbread, you will need a top resume writers to get your foot in the door. A company this big with a spotless reputation looks for employees that possess the right balance of soft and hard skills, can seamlessly join their team and generate profit. You know you are the right person, but can you deliver this message to hiring managers? If you are not 100% sure of your resume, let our writers translate your experience and skills into HR-speak and craft a job-winning resume for you.

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