How to Write a Resume: We Know All the Secrets of 2020

How to Write a Resume: We Know All the Secrets of 2020

You have decided to start working. Numerous reasons make students look for job opportunities. Some of them wish to feel independent, others start looking for a job because of financial issues. It doesn't matter why you have decided to start your career, but it matters how you are going to look for the desired position. The first thing you should do is resume writing. You may feel confused because you have never done it before. What should I include in my resume? - Such a troubling question is haunting you all the time. You are curious - How to write a resume profile but have no experience in drawing up such kind of documents. It is a big problem, but, please, don't worry, we are going to provide some helpful tips on how to write a resume. 

Useful Tips How to Make a Resume

When you try to find a dream position, it is vital to create an ideal resume. It should demonstrate not only all your strong sides but focus on your professionalism. Look at these helpful tips on how to make a resume. 

Find Professional Resume Examples

Look for some professionally written CVs. You will have an idea of how to do formatting and what kind of information to add in the document. If you have trouble finding resume samples, hurry to visit our website. Our professionals have gathered a rich collection of ideally written documents that will assist you to make your perfect one. 

Create an Adequate Email 

Many people create funny emails, something like [email protected] or [email protected]. They are ok for student life, but not for starting a professional career. It is better to think about an adequate email address. We know a lot of examples when CVs were rejected just because of inappropriate emails addresses. 

Be Yourself

When working on a CV, try to be yourself. Believe us, it is a bad idea to lie about your traits, working experience, and hobbies. Being employed, your boss will quickly understand if you have made up some characteristics on your list. 

Add Only Relevant Info

Please, avoid adding information that has nothing to do with the desired position. Nobody cares if you worked as a babysitter five years ago and now wish to get a job of a web designer. Write down skills that are necessary for the desired work. In case you have listed more than twenty strong points, your potential employer may doubt whether you have them all. Five-seven skills will be enough to describe your strong sides. 

Proofread a Document Several Times

We hope there is no need to say how it is important to proofread a document. There should be neither grammar nor lexical mistakes. Check a document on misprints too. Read the created resume several times. Ask your friends or relatives to look through a document. Maybe they will find some mistakes. 

Be realistic

We recommend being realistic when looking for a new position. To be an optimist is much better than being a pessimist. Although, if you don't meet the requirements of the vacancy, it is better not to apply for this position. When looking through ten required qualifications in the vacancy, you have only two of them, it will be senseless to send your resume. 

Now, when you have known some recommendations, it is high time to start writing an ideal resume. Let's have a look at this kind of document more precisely. 

Main Components of a Resume

The first question when working on a CV will be - What to put on my resume? Our experts have provided a list box of main components of a resume:

  • a header with the name, address, telephone, email of a person who wishes to be employed
  • professional objective
  • resume summary
  • education
  • working experience
  • special skills
  • sections which can be added by your wish: awards, knowledge of foreign languages, volunteering, freelance practice, etc.  

Choosing the Right Resume Format

It is vital to select the appropriate resume format when creating your CV. There are three kinds of formats: 


This kind of formatting is widely-chosen and recognizable. Though it is known as a chronological format, one has to remember that it is better to start listing a career path from the last position but not the first one. It is the preferable format for those who have no gaps in the career and for individuals who have been growing professionally with every next year. 


The hybrid one is more flexible than the chronological format. It is extremely popular among job hunters. Those who wish to be employed in the new sphere or didn't work for some time should choose this resume format. 


In case a person can't boast with impressive work experience but is looking for employment, it is better to select a resume format known as functional. A section called job experience may not be included in this type of resume. It is necessary to tell about a life experience which made you enough qualified for the desired position. If you have dealt with some projects, you are welcome to mention this information too. 

Don't Forget About a Resume Layout

The first thing recruiters notice when looking at your resume is its layout. The document should not be extremely long or contain just several lines. A headhunter should not feel bored reading it. It is a must to make a document eye-catchy and easy to read.

So what is the best resume layout? 

No more than one page

Some job seekers make their resumes two or three pages long. They try to tell about their life starting from kindergarten. Please, do not do it. Recruiters deal with hundreds of resumes every day and they are simply tired of reading extremely long papers. In order to make your resume easy to read, don't write more than one page. 

Use the same heading

Every resume should contain several headers. We advise you to choose the one heading size (for example H3 or H2) and use it for all headers in the document. 

Size of the font

Picking the wrong size of the font can make the text look too long or too short. Better use 11, or 12 font size for writing a job resume. Margins have to be bigger than 0.5 inches. 

Understandable font style

You might prefer a particular font style when writing letters to your friends but when working on a resume, give preference to the most common ones like Arial or Times New Roman. 

Only PDF

You may decide to write a CV in a Microsoft Word document, but it can mess up the document's formatting. So, in order to avoid unexpected surprises, choose a portable document format. 

How to Write a Resume Summary

A resume summary is a short review of your job experience. Every CV of an individual with some work experience should include this section. If you have just completed education or wish to try a new position, don't include it in the document. The summary should contain information about the profession, period of employment, several reached goals and what success you have achieved. 

For example, a Web-designer with 4 years of work experience in the IT-sphere, has worked with such programs as Google Web Designer and Photoshop. Want to get employment in the CPG corporation. 

The Difference Between Summary and  Resume Objective

Resume Objective, just like a Summary, is usually written under the contact information, at the top of the document. The difference between these two sections is that an Objective informs about skills that make a job seeker appropriate for the position, and a Summary focuses mainly on the job experience. Writing an Objective, use keywords from the vacancy or description of the position. 

It is better to give preference to a Resume Summary if you wish to move into the same position. An Objective has to be chosen by individuals who want to change their career and wish to find different job offers.  

Tell About Work Experience in a Resume 

One of the most significant parts of resume is a career path. This section directly influences future employment. Your experience will show if you are the right candidate for the position and if you can get the desired job. What should an individual do if he or she has never worked? Don't be frustrated. Put the focus on being a member of various student and volunteer organizations. 

There are specific rules on how to tell about work experience in a resume. At first, write down the occupied position. It has to be bold-highlighted. Headhunters deal with hundreds of resumes every day and it is a big plus if they can easily mention information about your previous jobs. Secondly, write down the name of an organization where you have been employed. Don't forget to provide an address of a business company with its specialization.

Inform about the duties and important achievements. Focus on how you have helped a company to grow, what measures were taken to reach the desired goals. 

Add dates of the previous employment, the one when you started working on a definite position and the date of your resignation. It is not a problem if you don't remember exact dates, you are free to enter the approximate ones. 

Don't inform about all the previous positions if they are irrelevant to the desired work. It is advised to inform only about the last five years of work experience. Nobody cares if you worked at the gas station ten years ago but wish to be employed as a model. These professions have nothing in common. 

Useful Advice When Writing About Education in Resume

We advise placing info about the educational qualifications whether before or after the experience section. To tell about education in resume, stick to the recommended order: 

  • type of the obtained degree
  • name of the educational institution
  • the date of entering a university and date of the graduation
  • educational institution location

Graduates can add a GPA, but just if it is high. It is better not to inform about a GPA lower than 3,5. 

If you can't boast with the Bachelor or Masters degree and have never studied at the university or college, you should tell about learning at the high-school. Just inform about the name of your school, its location and a year when you have finished it. 

How to Highlight Skills for Resume Success

Keep in mind that recruiters in big companies usually use an applicant tracking system. It is not difficult to get passed this software application. The main secret is to write down the required skills in the CV. To do it, find a vacancy and look through the job requirements and qualifications. You will see a list of hard and soft skills. Hard skills are obtained thanks to studying, working or some courses. The soft ones are those which are gained thanks to our life experience. Let's assume that you wish to work in management, take a look at the must-have skills for this vacancy: 

  • Negotiation
  • Planning
  • Task delegation
  • Business Development
  • Proposal writing

We want to give you a piece of good advice, never lie about skills for resume success. If you tell that you know Python language, but have no experience of working with it, an employer will know about it in two shakes. 

What to Put on My Resume to Make It More Complete

We hope that our guide made it clear how to create a really catchy resume to get the desired position. If you wish to make it more complete, we advise adding the following categories. 

Knowledge of foreign languages

You are a person who knows two, three, or even more languages. Don't feel embarrassed talking about it. Knowledge of foreign languages is a big plus in the modern world. If you are bilingual, it raises your chances to be employed and get a high-paid job. Remember to mention language proficiency. Write down if you can speak fluently, have basic or intermediate knowledge. 

Leisure activities

If you want the potential employer to know more about your individuality, it is advisable to tell about your hobbies. Maybe your future boss has the same interests, and it will make him or her more interested in your personality. 

Your resume is completed, but there is some space, better use it to tell more about your leisure activities. 

Freelance experience

Being a freelance worker is quite popular nowadays. A lot of people appreciate their freedom and prefer working when they want. If you have ever worked as a freelancer and can boast with some publications, it is advisable to inform about it in your resume. Just add some links to websites where one can find some of your works. 


You have got some certificates, it is high time to demonstrate them. Keep in mind, they have to be only relevant certificates, not the ones you have got in different beauty salons and online stores. 

We Understand How to Write A Resume For a Job of Your Dream

Making a catchy resume is a very complicated task. One page of the written text can influence your future career. Even the smallest mistake in the document can be crucial. In order not to risk and to get higher chances to receive the desired dream job, you are free to place an order on our writing platform. We know how to write a resume for a job. Our trustworthy and experienced company can help you get a professionally written document. Visiting our website, you will find many examples of resumes 2019.

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