In-depth Lululemon Review. Job Seekers Must-Learn

In-depth Lululemon Review. Job Seekers Must-Learn

Lululemon brand is not less recognizable than Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour. This successful international corporation has been around for only twenty years but has already achieved much thanks to a competitive yet supportive corporate culture and customer-centric strategy. If you can’t imagine your life without regular workouts, morning runs, and relaxing yoga flows, Lululemon offers multiple great career opportunities for you.

Use our overview to learn more about the company’s history and application process. You will be surprised by some benefits and drawbacks current and past employees share in their reviews.

What Does Lululemon Do?

Chip Wilson founded Lululemon Company in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. Over two decades, the company has expanded to new markets and is now among the leading sportswear manufacturers. With a sizable staff of several thousand employees and 440 locations spread across the globe, Lululemon enjoys an annual revenue of over $2 billion.

Yoga practices inspired the company founder and created the foundation of the corporate culture. Lululemon produces sports apparel for men, women, and children. The products range from shirts and tops to pants and underwear. The accessories line includes yoga mats, blocks, strips, and rollers, as well as bags, hats, socks, and even water bottles. Self-care line offers cruelty-free hair, face, and body care products tested by athletes, not animals. Besides hundreds of stores, Lululemon relies on an online store that ships internationally.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Working for Lululemon

Almost every Lululemon review on Glassdoor praises excellent work environment and goal-centric culture the company breeds among employees. They enjoy an excellent benefits package, including paid fitness classes and Lululemon employee discounts. Health and dental insurance, retirement plan, paid vacations, and time off are also available.

Store positions come with all the downsides of any job in retail. Some employees do not get enough hours for full-time positions; others have to work through holidays and weekends with no chance to get the desired time off. Many Lululemon workers get a minimum hourly rate, and their bonuses depend on overall store results. Some employees admit they would not be able to afford Lululemon clothes without discounts, and those are not even valid for family members.

Other reviewers claim the company’s determination to focus on employee growth and achievements causes troubles with work-life balance. Work conditions and environment vary store to store. Some reviewers complain about favoritism and cult-like atmosphere that ostracizes employees who don’t share the store managers’ views and interests.

How to Get a Job at Lululemon?

If you look through available Lululemon jobs, you will find the one that checks all boxes on your dream list. An online application is the quickest and easiest approach. First, go to Lululemon’s careers page and select a position you want to secure. The website will redirect you to the company’s talent acquisition platform. Create an account and follow instructions to fill in the forms. Company representatives will get in touch if your resume passes the automatic and manual checks.

According to reviews, the group interview comprises the first round of the application process. You will join the group of people applying for the same position and will answer the same questions. Lululemon representatives might ask you to wear comfortable clothes for a “sweat” interview that includes a yoga session. If there are over ten people present, group interviews may last long and become exhausting. Some reviewers compare the experience to beauty pageants. Others get invitations to interview for positions other than those they have initially applied for, so be sure to ask whether you will join the group interview that fits your career goals.

Lululemon contact post-interview can sometimes be spotty. If you do not hear back within the specified time, reach out to the hiring managers. You will receive the next interview invitation or a rejection, but at least you will know the results and be able to move on. If you get a new interview invitation, expect a phone call or a face-to-face meeting or several before you get an offer.

If you are into yoga and healthy lifestyle and see your future in retail, Lululemon offers multiple opportunities for you. However, the competition can be cutthroat even at the application stage, so you better be sure your resume is the best it can be. Let recruiting professionals go over your application paperwork, tweak and rework it until there is no chance for rejection. Resume101 offers quality yet cheap resume writing services. We translate your achievements and work history into HR-speak. With our help, nothing can stop you from getting the dream job!

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