Up-to-date Teacher Resume Writing Tips & Sample to Inspire

Up-to-date Teacher Resume Writing Tips & Sample to Inspire

A resume for teachers is not just a way to list their previous jobs. The school administration looks for an open-minded, smart person at the cutting edge. That’s why it is not in your best interest to underestimate an application. There are no unimportant details in the teacher resume.

You might not think about it, but the format also matters. The teaching job includes a lot of paperwork and information arranging (lesson plans, projects, presentations, handouts, etc.) A well-organized resume shows your employer that you will do all those things at the highest level. Look at our up-to-date teacher resume sample and create your own draft according to the modern trends.

Teacher Resume Outline

The main section of an experienced teacher resume is your professional background. List only teaching experience trying to focus on your accomplishments on the position. Your paper will be more convincing if you add some statistics to your duties. Move forward using these sample achievements:

  • Implemented a unique reward system to increase student motivation;
  • Prepared 1500+ students for the tests;
  • Incorporated digital technology into the learning process;
  • Edited two annual student fairytales anthologies;
  • Became a “first-to-call” substitute teacher;
  • Engaged students in 17 “open talks” that improved team spirit in the class.

If your previous jobs do not relate to the educational sphere, you’d better omit them. Emphasize volunteer work or classroom experience you got during your studies instead. Feel free to add such positions as a camp counselor and private tutor. The courses you took can be useful for an entry-level teacher resume as well.

The educational experience is not less important. Put the degree(s) you gained in college. Overseas studies will be a great bonus for your job application, especially if you are competing for a second language teacher position. Do not forget about certificates required in your state; write the score and the year of passing the test. Arrange them in a separate section.

Right Teacher Resume Skills to Highlight

Perfect knowledge of your subject is not enough to be a successful teacher. Literacy, sound language, and a basic grasp of computer technology are among the hard skills for a modern teacher. Excellent communication skills also distinguish your high competence.

Soft skills are vitally important for your career as well. It is hard to imagine a job where an employer should try on as many roles to become a real professional. For example, here is a “survival set” of skills for a substitute teacher resume:

  • A sense of humor and positivity;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Ability to learn names quickly;
  • Teamwork;
  • Attention to details;
  • Leadership;
  • Public speaking;
  • Psychological resilience;
  • Ability to follow instructions;
  • Strong work ethic.

Special Advice to Upgrade Your Teacher Resume

The sky’s the limit, you know. We wish you remember that there is always room for improvements. That’s why we have prepared three “do-nots” to upgrade your resume. Heeding our advice, you raise your chances for interview invitation up to 78%.

So, the first hint is the following: do not write an objective. Include a catchy resume summary instead. It is a fantastic way to get an HR manager’s attention in 30 seconds. Start your resume with the declaration of your best skills and experience. The summary must be concise; several sentences are enough. Use this elementary school teacher resume summary for inspiration:

Enthusiastic and adaptable elementary school teacher with five years of experience teaching in a private classroom environment. Skilled in using empathy and a positive attitude to effectively manage student behavior. Passionate about working with children and deeply committed to providing dynamic and fun learning activities.

Do not be shy. If you have some awards (teacher of the year, for example), include them in your resume. Put the skills and achievements that present you in the best possible light. Be sure you can prove them; fiction will not impress anybody.

Do not wait until the employer asks for extra materials. You can send these papers to back up your proficiency:

  • References
  • Your GPA and test scores
  • A sample lesson plan
  • Certification documents
  • An electronic portfolio
Hope our guide and template will help you in your writing or use our resume professional writers. What else would we like to add? Re-read the vacancy description and try to tailor your teacher resume to the requirements. They are more likely to interview an attentive candidate who meets the school guidelines. We believe you are the one!

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