USA Company: Edward Jones Review by

USA Company: Edward Jones Review by

What is Your Dream Work?

Do you remember what you imagined your future work would be like when you were a kid or maybe a teenager? Was it working at a huge company which occupied dozens of floors in a skyscraper? Busy people dressed in business clothes entering and leaving the building? Everybody doing something very important and global, and you being the part of this huge company?

Or maybe it was a kind of a small business, where you would be one of twenty employees who would be more like a family. You would have been working side by side for many years and perfectly learned the habits of each of your colleague.

For each of us, an image of a dream work was different, and while we were becoming older, it was changing together with our ambitions and goals. However, one thing probably always stays the same. The main criterion of any dream job is being successful working there. No one would ever dream to work in a company which is so-so because we all want to be a part of something prospering and thriving.

That’s why when looking for a new job opportunity, we try to find one of the best companies to work for in USA. We do not agree for something average, only the best ones because only in such companies can we grow and develop as professionals and polish our skills. So, it will be interesting for you to know about Edward Jones Company which is considered to be one of the most desired for many employees in the United States and abroad.

A Brief Overview of Edward Jones Company

For those who have never heard about edward jones company, here is a short overview. The company was founded almost a hundred years ago and, as it is said on their LinkedIn page, it is a financial services leader with more than 14,000 financial advisors worldwide. So, the edward jones customer service assists businesses with making the right decisions upon financial issues. The annual revenues are $5 to $10 billion dollars. Over 10000 employees hold edward jones jobs across the world.

If you decide that this company is not for you since your profession has nothing in common with solving financial issues or giving business tips, do not jump to conclusions. Such a large company as this one hires employees of different professions since it has a lot of duties that have to be done. For instance, besides the financial positions, programmers, project leaders, UX/UI designers, UX researchers, and many other people are required. So, even if you are not a financial advisor, there is still a possibility that Edward Jones Company may be searching for a specialist like you right now. Another question is whether this company a good place to work. To get an answer to this question, let’s look at  the edward jones reviews left by the former and current employees.

Is Edward Jones a Good Place to Work at?

On Glassdoor, we found 2323 reviews of Edward Jones Company which compose a rating of 4.2. Those are very impressive statistics, signifying that most employees are satisfied with the company. Of course, there are some things which are not welcomed by workers and they’d like these aspects to be improved. So, is Edward Jones good or bad? That’s up to you to decide because for each person the criteria for good and bad jobs are different. Let's’ look closer at some of the most common pros and cons which most reviewers agree with.


  • decent training and a great culture
  • a flexible schedule
  • many perks for financial advisors
  • good support


  • you must be disciplined
  • the dress code
  • the need to work really hard, the expectations are very high
  • a low starting salary

These are some of the most common pros and cons that we have found analyzing over a hundred random reviews on Glassdoor. According to the employees’ comments, work at Edward Jones is not for everyone. It requires you to make a lot of efforts, especially at the beginning of your career. However, due to the corporate culture which is praised in almost every second review, one can easily overcome these first steps which are quite often challenging for many newcomers.

The great variety of trainings help Edward Jones’ employees to get a lot of new skills. Almost everyone highlights this feature as one of the biggest advantages for those who work at this company. The last thing that many reviewers really dislike is the dress code, but the status of the company and the specifics of the services it provides oblige its employees to wear proper dresses. So, it is a normal phenomenon for a company like Edward Jones.

We hope that the overview of Edward Jones Company was interesting and helpful for you, and maybe it will motivate and inspire you to take a closer look at the opportunities offered by this company! You can pay for resume services on our Resume101.

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